Congrats on this products!
Conny – (Belgium)
Bravo.. well done…
Doug – (USA)
No words are necessary. It’s just cool.
Randy – (USA)
J’adore votre site et vos produits, you guys rock!
Fran G – (Australia)
Lovely things!
Steve – (USA)
Love your products and would love to carry it here in LA.
David – (USA)
I’m so jealous of your fun designs and all the great stuff you guys come up with.
i can only imagine how fun it is to work in your studio. Keep up the great work!

Grace – (USA)
You guys are AMAZING…I love all the products. Merci beaucoup.
Tsuji – (USA)
Excellent le bib target … Dommage que je n’ai plus l’age.
Anthony – (France)
You’re products are gold!!
Caroline – (New Zealand)
Chouette collection que vous présentez cette rentrée.
Eric – (Germany)
Salut Atypyk, First of all big respect for your work! I was thrilled, amazed and amused!
Dirk – (Germany)
Congratulations for the Atypyk. I really love all your stuffs.
Gustavo – (Brazil)
I can across yer website, & you guys are amazing.
I love everything. & yer name is darling.

Ivan. Rachael –
Fantastic stuff LOVE IT!!
Kim – (Austria)
I love them all ! please send as much of your ideas to make people smile.
They are perfect to make everybody happy.

Alex – (Austria)
C’est excellent !
Laurence – (France)
Fantastic site!
Charlotte – (Danemark)
Excellent. Bravo pour vos supers produits !!!
Romain – (France)
I love Atypyk!! Es realmente genial!
Julián – (Argentina)
Great site guys, superb ideas, keep it coming!
Chris – (UK)
Today I visited your website and was delighted by your products and ideas.
I soon noticed that my eyes were burning and leaking, as if I had forgotten to blink.
I though you might like to know that your work had this effect on me.

Hannah – (USA)
Great simple products!
Eric – (France)
Keep up the good work!
Lian – (China)
I wish I repped you guys – your stuff is amazing.
Paul – (USA)
The moment we laid our eyes on your site,
we are hooked to the ingenious quirkiness ranging from the cow-sticks
to the sponge microphone. We really had a great laugh just viewing them!

Eugene – (Singapore)
I love your stuff!
Kirsten – (Germany)
Merci ! C’est merveilleux ce que vous faites !!!
Marcel – (France)
Very Interesting concepts.
Darshan – (UK)
J’adore ce que vous faites.
Gaetan – (France)
I would love to be in your mailing list. Cute, humurous, wonderful items.
Steve – (USA)
I’m writing to you because you’re GREAT, but you already know this!
Antonella – (Italy)
Bonjour et bravo. Vraiment. Un petit tour sur votre site c’est toujours génial,
un micro-climat de bonheur.
En plus je suis vraiment admirative de votre graphisme !

Martine – (France)
Love your work. Keep it up. Best Wishes.
Darshan – (India)
I think your work is lovely. Thanks,
Randy – (USA)
p.s., really lovely
Yes!! Please!!! I love these ideas that u offer. Very interesting! Very fun!! Thx a lots.
Gromit – (Taiwan)
Love the site and work!!
Jean – (USA)
notcot.com loves your site!
Lots of success!
Martijn – (The Netherlands)
Your products are very unique ! There are wonderful !
Ayako – (Japan)
Bonjour et bravo. Vraiment. Un petit tour sur votre site c’est toujours génial,
un micro-climat de bonheur.
En plus je suis vraiment admirative de votre graphisme !

Martine – (France)
Love your work. Keep it up. Best Wishes.
Darshan – (India)
I think your work is lovely. Thanks,
Randy – (USA)
p.s., really lovely
Yes!! Please!!! I love these ideas that u offer. Very interesting! Very fun!! Thx a lots.
Gromit – (Taiwan)
J’adore vos idées/produits ! Keep up the good work!
Tina/Swissmiss – (USA)
I like what you do. It’s all very playful. Cheers,
Eric – (Canada)
Thats some really neat stuff you guys got there.
Cha – (USA)
I just recently found your site via my friend’s blog (trucdesign), and spent a half of the last night enjoying your creations… I felt exiting and jealous (in good meaning) about your talents… I have decided to write about your site in NDB. Hope to hire from you soon, and again your site is just brilliant!
Igor – (Finland)
I have a clientele of women who purchase from my sites that really deserve to have your incredible products. I love many of your pieces and would be thrilled to include them with our product lines.
Karen – (USA)
P.S. Incase you have already had a million people sign their emails in this way, my name Stephanie is and I (heart) your ideas.
Stephanie – (USA)
We are big fans of your site, as you get in new product, please let us know, we’d love to look at it and see if there’s something we can feature. Best,
Robert – (USA)
I’m a longtime fan of your work and even visited your studios when I was last in Paris—what’s cooking over there? Regards,
Ami – (USA)
Ce mail ne sert à rien, mais j’aime beaucoup votre travail! et j’aime beaucoup votre humour aussi!…oui j’ai lu vos C.V (lol). Bonne continuation.
Alexis – (France)
jajajaja era una broma para mostrar los objetos tan originales que tienes. Algun dia compraremos algo seguro
Kapikua – (Spain)
ATYPYK – unusual name, unusual work. Yes creativity but of different kind. But still manage to make us glad. Great work. Keep it up!!!!!!
Janny – (USA)
Fun website and products.
Marilyn – (USA)
I’m supposed to be studying… but chanced upon your website. I’m so amused with the products that you have… Good to take a look if ur bored.
Dragonfly – (USA)
Clever. They are novelty gags, but I like how will fully frivolous some of them are, like the Kill Time book and the $100 of confetti.
OmieWise – (USA)
When it comes to pop culture, the French usually get it all wrong — e.g. le rock ‘n’ roll. But many of these items are very cool, and evidence of a pleasingly ironic sensibility.
Adgnyc – (USA)
Love your stuff
Tatiana – (USA)
Your products are a joy!
Love what you do-keep it up!

Kariann – (USA)
Très sympa la boutique !
Romain – (France)
Thanks to you for your incredible designs, keep it up!
Armando –
In last week i found Atypyk in many cool blogs, i hope it help your work!
Stefano – (Italy)
If I had a million dollars I would buy everything you make. and then you’d have lots of dollar bills to draw all over! Is it a deal?
Peter – (UK)
J’ai découvert vos produits par l’intermédiaire de votre site internet et je tiens à vous féliciter, ils sont vraiment attrayants !
Arnaud – (France)
I love your desings !!! Kisses
Ixiar – (Spain)
Merci pour cette découverte de votre créativité étonnante et à bientôt !
Monika – (Germany)
Ca fait un moment ! un grand bravo à vous deux atypyk c’est vraiment superbe, riche, drôle, généreux… Encore bravo, si vous faites une expo, ouverture… à paris let me know…
Stéphane – (France)
You are incredible!!!!!!!! Congratulations from Spain
Miguel – (Spain)
My area is Graphics and product design. I really really liked you design, or should I say your Ideas, all the humor.
Karolina – (Sweden)
J’apprécie la façon dont vous observez notre quotidien pour créer des objets aptes à nous faire sourire, qui sont entre l’objet utile et le gadget blagueur. Il me semble important de nos jours d’apporter une échappée amusante aux gens endormis dans leur routine quotidienne.
Noé – (France)
I love your sense of humor — and your products. I live in Southern California — La Jolla/San Diego, more precisely. Is there any place, near by, where I can buy you products? Thank you.
Christine – (USA)
Hello guys, I talk about Atypyk in my blog.
Stefano – (Italy)
Ich würde gern ihre produkte kaufen aber das ist nicht möglich!
Friederike – (Germany)
I would really like to buy the T-shirt with the camera on….the one called “Click”.
Erik – (Sweden)
I wanted so much my love-me stamp! what would you do to make it up to me? Thanks
Clarissa – (Brazil)
I’m a brazilian designer, and I loved your products, don’t you send to Brazil those ones!!!
Please contact me and Congratulations

Fabricio – (Brazil)
hi i’m an italian boy who have seen your site.
i like very much your collection and also the spirit concept is so closer to me.
good work!

Nicola – (Italy)
Je voudrais acheter le “patch to stop caring about love”  pour
l’offrir. Continuez à nous trouver des articles comme sur votre site .
Je vous souhaite une bonne journée pleine d’amour.

Micky – (UK)
I love your ideas and products. Thank a lot !
Dominik – (Austria)
I read the article in Libération about your cd. Excellent !
Paul – (UK)
I just find your web site and i really loved what you are doing!!! it’s
great!!! i really like the idea of bed sheet…50/50…its really nice and
all those products you designed is like “oh that is so true…or why no one
thought of that idea?!!”
great job!!!!

Sanami – (UK)
Salut tout le monde, vos produits sont trop uniques, trop futés, mâlins, de
quoi se faire plaisir! !
Continuez comme ça , c’est trop coool de toujours avoir l’objet que personne n’a

Anne So – (France)
Hi people,
Your initiative are very funny and grateful for creative people like me. I wish all this world be like your website, could be funny and sweet as well.

Lazlo – (Czech Republic)
Hi boys! your website atypyk.com  and the products are perfect!!!
Hey guys,
I just visited your homepage and I’m really fascinated and amused.

Angy – (Germany)
Fantastic !
Ben – (UK)
Hi my name is Ricardo, I´m a Brasilian student and i´loved your work.
i´ would like to know if there´s a place here im Brasil where i coul´d by your t-shirts.
Otherwise how could I by it from you.
Thanks for your time

Great work, by the way!
Best regards,

Great site, wonderful work, I would like to get your brochure
but the link is dead, can you let me know when it is resurrected.

Bonjour !
je me suis baladée hier ds Paris
et … félicitations pour la diffusion du CD
(remède contre voisins retord ..)
FAMEUX !!! j’ai faillis craquer … mon PB est que mes voisins sont plutôt sympa … dommage …
bonne journée

je suis ravie d’être tombée sur votre site presque par hasard!c’est génial!
est ce possible de commander certains de vos objets ?
car j’habite en province et je me déplace que trop rarement à Paris.
Merci d’avance

Bravo, very good.
Pour ATYPYK !!! Hip … ! hip … ! hip ……….
Marie Anne
Bravo ! Je suis IMPRESSIONNEE !
bravo bravo bravo!

Continuez !
i wanted 2 say that this images r very inspyering and sweet and comforting

j’aime bcp ce que vous faite tres ludique, créatif un régal !
Excellent! Thanks a bunch!
Great site, wonderful work, Thanks…

Warm greetings to you from me in Singapore!
I luv your website and the please section as well.
Luv to hear from you!

I look forward to being connected..
and have to say that your work is some of the most inspiring
I have seen in a long time..thank you!

hi!! mail me up!
By the way, I saw your site… great work you have!!
Keep it like this,

Really good products…..
The navigation and design of this site is very clean and simple.
Just only that you need to view the products. Very GOOD

I like this site a lot but the products are awesome!
Simply wonderful. Anyone know what font they use?
Being on your mailing list would bring a sliver of joy to my drab, wretched life.
vraiment vraiment vraiment chouette ce que vous faites, sérieux….
Stick me on your mailing list, please!
Dear Fous,
Votre trabail est magnifique. (English) We love your work
and we’ll use some of your ideas (referencing you, of course) in our site.
We’ll be glad if you want to collaborate with us in any stupid project.
Gorgeous, seriously.
Best regards from l’Espagne (Barcelone et Oviedo)

simply beautiful design! ****
the site itself is nice .. but the products are absolutely cool!
great ideas .. I wish they had a shop though …

Waow! exelent work, a must.
This guys remind me that world if full with great ideas…
lets learn something new. Best ever after a long time of searching.

Gosto da vossa ideia… Podem incluir-me na vossa mailing-list?
desde já obrigado!

you” are full of surprizes…give me more… congratulations!
You got a great thing going. I used to have your green clover stickers on my fridge.
I love your stuff!

great little site! Keep it up!
Saw you on NewsToday. Brilliant!
PLEASE s’enrichit d’idées toujours meilleures.
Impressionné!..yes , I’m really impressed par votre catalogue.
L’intelligence y rime avec impertinence.
C’est drôle et je dirais même plus c’est drôle!
Tous mes Voeux pour des dizaines d’autres idées aussi brillantes.
un admirateur inconditionnel.

Simple and Clean Navigation.Easy Handling and fast Loading.
Nice Colours and a great Presentation of beautifull Products. +4 Stars from me+

Hello, It was great to find a web site with all those ideas.
I found really interesting to see all kind of products that maybe
some people think that is useless, but they really bring joy to the day.
I hope I can visit the store next time in Paris.
Just another crazy Brazilian designer from Rio de Janeiro,

I think i found your site through the collete site. your sense of humor is spot on.
i’d like to hear about your future products and updates.

Voilà. En tout cas continuez à avoir des idées géniales comme ça
et à mettre votre touche d’originalité hallucinante.

Send me atypyk’s great ideas.